Friday, October 17, 2008

LETTERS HOME tour - The Performance

We had a very early call the day of our performance at the Cerritos Center. 6:30am in order to load-in and tech the show. The venue was beautiful as you can see by the pics posted here.

The view from the stage

The performance went really well and for some of the actors it was their first big venue performance. Afterwards we had a short discussion with the audience, mostly high school age kids. I am always struck by the fact that some of them view the play as pro-war. It really takes no stance, but, I think since most of America today is not for the war (well any war for that matter) it just comes off that way unless you are blatantly bashing it. That would be an easy target for an artist. And this of course, is not something we would do as it would be a disservice to the soldiers and families who provided us with their stories. I think presenting the letters as we do gives the audience so much more to think about in terms of the costs of war and the humanity that lies within it as seen through the eyes of the men and women fighting it.

Cheap sunglasses that you could only buy on Venice Beach.

Obvious Chicagoans in SoCal

After the performance we had some time to kill and we went to Venice Beach. Had a drink or two and then left for the airport. The first performance is under our belt and now we move on to Indy.

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