Thursday, June 11, 2009


Well, the opening of Little Brother is just around the corner. It's been quite a journey. The production boast an incredible amount of technical expertise. My hat is off to director Dorothy Milne for keeping it all running so smoothly. Our sound designer Rick Sims said that Little Brother may have the most sound ques he has ever put into a play. The set in made up of a series of movable gates that simulate a caged environment--all the incredible work of the talented Alan Donahue who is designing the set. Add to that, wonderful lighting by Sarah Hughey fun, hip costumes by Branimira Ivanova and superb fights by Geoff Coates and I am sure audiences are going to have one of the most unique experiences they have ever had going to the theatre. And did I mention there is video too. Wheww! The production is bolstered by an incredibly talented cast lead by newcomer Mike Harvey in the lead role. More to come on the play....


Daniel said...

I am looking forward to seeing your show! As part of Northeastern Illinois University's Chicago Teachers' Center, I am conducting a workshop on Little Brother as part of our Young Adult Literature Conference in the Fall. I hope to get a chance to speak with someone from Griffin about the production and how the themes connect to high school students in Chicago.

Eti said...

I loved the show and can't wait to see it again! I blogged about my experience at

Thank you for creating a show that was just as incredible as the book.

I would love to know more details about Cory Doctorow's visit on the 9th. Will he be doing a Q&A after the show?

Thanks so much!